Evaluate candidates, manage interviews, gather feedback, and shortlist candidates in a single place.

A Customizable Hiring & Recruitment Process

ZenATS allows you to customize hiring and recruitment stages for your job openings from start to finish, create your own unique filters throughout your hiring pipeline, and help you track and manage the shortlisting, interviewing, and hiring process.

Candidate Timeline

ZenATS provides a candidate timeline allowing you to easily discover a candidate's application history and view all actions made by candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers throughout a candidates’ journey.

Interview Management

Customize the signup forms on your ZenATS career page to fit your hiring needs. Add fields relevant to the specific requirements for job vacancies you have and start finding the top talent you're looking for.

Google Maps and SMS Integration

With ZenATS’s Google Maps integration, your candidates will never get lost on their way to the interview; they’ll be able to find your office’s exact location and navigate their way there with their smartphones. ZenATS also comes complete with SMS integration, which allows you to engage and send reminders to your candidates using SMS to help avoid interview no-shows.

Feedback & Interview Evaluation Forms

Customize feedback and interview evaluation forms with any set of dropdowns, text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and even customized scoring mechanisms.

Email System & Templates

ZenATS provides customizable email templates to help you speed up a crucial element of the recruitment process. Send and receive emails to candidates seamlessly from ZenATS, and view status trackers on sent emails.

Candidate Assessments

ZenATS integrates with Testello to help you make objective, data-driven decisions on which candidates move forward. Assess your candidates with Testello’s assessment tools and customizable tests to gauge the aptitude of your applicant pool and interview the people best fit for the role.

Invite Hiring Managers & Recruitment Agencies

Grant department managers, hiring managers, and recruitment agencies access to your vacancies with varying permissions. This will allow you to collaborate seamlessly and receive input on candidates, all while logging and tracking each action.

Smart CV Sorter

ZenATS helps you stay organized and deal with an influx of CVs that come your way. When applicants use the CV Drop, ZenATS will analyze the candidates’ information and screen for filters and keywords you’re looking for to help you find the best candidates and automatically sort them in relevant folders ready for you to select.

Video Interviewing

ZenATS's Video Interview feature makes the remote interviewing experience seamless and easy for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates. It also allows you to have panel interviews for when multiple parties are involved, along with the ability to share your screens to work together instantly from within the ATS.

Multiple Branch Collaboration

Manage the recruitment process for vacancies in any branch in a single ZenATS account.



Save time and make smarter hiring decisions much faster.