Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Your ideal candidate journey starts here.

ZenATS helps you design a winning recruitment funnel allowing you to get each step right.

Why ZenATS?

Designing a delightful candidate experience starts with ZenATS. ZenATS is not just another Applicant Tracking System (ATS); it’s a transformative recruitment experience that is all about giving you peace of mind from the moment you source your candidates up to when you onboard them on ZenHR.

Regardless of your hiring frequency and the complexity of your recruitment process, ZenATS allows you to fully design your hiring stages to help you save both time and money by finding the right people for the right roles.

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Our Features

A great candidate experience is the core of successful recruiting. ZenATS will help design yours.



Make your employer brand stand out with a customized career page that allows you to source and attract the right candidates.

  • LinkedIn Jobs Integration

  • Branded Career Pages

  • Applicant Source Tracking

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Evaluate candidates, manage interviews, gather feedback, and shortlist job candidates in a single place.

  • Interview Management

  • Invite Hiring Managers & Recruitment Agencies

  • Candidate Assessments

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Hire in half the time by streamlining time-consuming tasks to help you make better, smarter hiring decisions faster.

  • Offer Templates

  • ZenHR Onboarding

  • Recruitment Reports & Analytics

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Enjoy the benefits of collaborative hiring with ZenATS

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