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What is ZenATS?

ZenATS is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that provides the ideal platform to help you stay organized, even when you have thousands of applications coming in from various sources and across multiple departments. ZenATS aims to facilitate the process of finding and attracting candidates that would make great employees. In addition, ZenATS aims to build value by keeping your hiring cycle as innovative and as efficient as possible.

Why ZenATS?

Here’s how ZenATS can help you track your candidate’s journey throughout your hiring pipeline:

  • Collect your candidates from different sources, and capture the candidates’ information with our CV parsing functionality.
  • Customizable recruitment stages and templates for each of your job openings from start to finish.
  • Built-in emailing and SMS systems that are seamlessly integrated within ZenATS to help you make your business fully mobile and work anytime, anywhere.
  • Prevent interview no shows with our SMS Interview Reminders.
  • View your candidates’ scores in evaluation forms, generate offers, and/or send apology letters.

How Can ZenATS Help?


Candidates can come from different sources, so we collect them for you in one place. All you have to do is just upload their CVs and ZenATS will analyze the candidates’ information for you with the CV parsing tool.


ZenATS allows you to customize the recruitment stages for each individual vacancy. Create your own unique funnels and filters throughout your hiring pipeline.


A built-in two way emailing system so you can communicate with your candidates freely. We also support SMS reminders, interview scheduling, calendar integration, and location sharing.

#4 ZenATS IT!

When it’s time to make a decision, you can follow the candidate’s journey throughout your hiring pipeline, start to finish.

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