Hire in half the time by streamlining manual and time-consuming tasks to help you make better, smarter hiring decisions a lot faster.

Offer Templates

ZenATS provides Offer Letter templates that you’re able to brand and auto-generate, or upload your own branded templates easily on ZenATS, and send out employment offers faster and more efficiently than ever.

ZenHR Onboarding

Once you find your ideal candidates with ZenATS, set your new hires up for success with an engaging and smooth onboarding experience with ZenHR. Transfer your candidates' information from ZenATS directly to ZenHR with the click of a button. ZenHR provides a comprehensive and customizable onboarding pack that allows your new hires to get familiar with the company culture from day one.

Recruitment Reports & Analytics

Access a reporting system and view all analytics related to your candidates, users, and recruitment processes, such as time to hire and fill rate. ZenATS also allows you to generate reports using a wide range of features and data visualization tools, request customized reports, and export data to share with your team.

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