Make your employer brand stand out with a customized career page that allows you to source and attract the right candidates.

Branded Career Pages

Attract more candidates and applications with a career page that showcases your brand and speaks to people. With an engaging careers page on ZenATS, you’ll engage the right talent and impress your next candidate.

Bilingual Candidate Experience

Offer your career page, application forms, and candidate emails in both Arabic and English languages. ZenATS’s bilingual and user-friendly interface will allow you to attract more applicants, offer a better candidate experience, and receive real-time updates.

Customizable Sign up

Customize the signup forms on your ZenATS career page to fit your hiring needs. Add fields relevant to the specific requirements for job vacancies you have and start finding the top talent you're looking for.

Filtration Tools & Keywords Search

ZenATS’s filtration tools and keyword search help you sift through applications, narrow down results, and find the best potential candidates for the job.

Applicant Source Tracking

ZenATS’s source tracking allows you to easily pinpoint how an applicant discovered your job posting. By tracking candidate sources, you’ll be able to gather insight and analyze which sources are returning high-quality candidates for a more efficient recruitment process.

LinkedIn Jobs Integration

ZenATS seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn Jobs for you to share your vacancies directly on LinkedIn’s huge talent pool, giving applicants the option to apply and share vacancies, for no cost, with their LinkedIn network.

Social Media Parsing

ZenATS will find everything you need on an applicant. When uploading CVs, ZenATS automatically locates your candidates’ social media accounts and reflects them on their profiles.

CV Drop

ZenATS’s CV Drop feature extracts and indexes text from applicants' submitted CVs and stores them for future searches.  Applicants are also notified when their CVs are received and are instructed to continue their registration on your careers page.

Referral System

Set up an effective referral system with ZenATS and get your employees more engaged in the recruitment process. Your next great hires may already be in your network, and ZenATS will help you find and track them easily.



Evaluate, manage, and shortlist applicants effortlessly.